Jiri Dvorak

Jiří Dvořák

Frýdlant, 1970

Jiří Dvořák was born in 1970 in Frýdlant and spent his childhood in Prague, aspiring to become either a botanist or an author of adventure novels. In 1993, he graduated in plant biotechnology from the Czech University of Life Sciences, where he realized that a career in science was not his calling. He worked as a proofreader and later as an editor for various publications; currently, he is the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Naše krásná zahrada" (Our Beautiful Garden). Dvořák has combined his love for biology and adventure by writing books that often tell stories about nature. He lives in Prague, enjoys photography, sleeping, and staying quiet.

His books include Plesk! (ABR, 1997), Kvítka z čertovy pohádky (Flowers from the Devil's Tale) (Self-published, 2002), Slepice a televize (The Chicken and the Television) (Baobab, 2003), Zpátky do Afriky! (Back to Africa!) (Baobab, 2005), Minimax a mravenec (Minimax and the Ant) (Baobab, 2009), Stromovka (with Tereza Horváthová) (Baobab, 2010), Rostlinopis (Strange Truths and Fables of the Green World) (Baobab, 2012), Jak zvířata spí (How Animals Sleep) (Baobab, 2014), Havětník (The Beastiary) (Baobab, 2015), Bydlíme! (Home Sweet Home!) (Baobab, 2019), Slunečnice (Sunflowers) (Baobab, 2020).

He has been awarded the Golden Ribbon multiple times, was nominated for the Litera award for children's literature, and received the Grand Prix Bohemia for his radio fairy tales. After graduating from the Czech University of Life Sciences with a degree in plant biotechnology, he worked in various editorial offices as a proofreader and editor. He has collaborated with numerous newspapers and magazines, as well as with Czech Radio.