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This is Tábor

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Tábor is a quaint little town in South Bohemia. Begin wandering through it from the train station, and you'll encounter crows (who can teach us all a thing or two), a botanical garden (where both tropical and artificial plants grow), a stone knight (who plopped down here from goodness-knows-where), and the venerable Church of Philip and James. Indeed, some of the walls and cobblestones may even remember a certain one-eyed warrior, and will definitely recall the boyhood battles between the Klokoťáci and the Old Towners... Could it be that the spirit of the military fortress, which the Old Town once was, lingers on? No, it's the 21st century, the square is alive with games, songs, and drinking, Jordan pond beckons for a dip, and the whole of Tábor entices you just to stroll through it, gaze around you, and get out your sketchbook.

When French illustrator and graphic artist Joëlle Jolivet arrived in Tábor, she was most surprised by the number of dogs people had. She spent the better part of her summer in the town and has been returning regularly ever since. She roams Tábor, drawing houses, streets, people, the market, the swimming hole... Eventually, we decided to compile a book from all her drawings. Come take a stroll walk through Tábor, a town we both fell in love with. TH

Date of publication
picture books
baobab original
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illustrated guide
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220 x 318 mm
6 — 9
9 — 13
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