A Bad Case of the Weasels

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In the spirit of her previous work, “More Ningbells Are Ringing” the author once again finds her muse in the delightful errors, slips of the tongue, and wild fantasies of childhood. This inspiration has birthed a new collection filled with misinterpretations, entanglements, and cases of mistaken hearing... An archival gathering of the whims and wonders of children's minds, from which humor emerges unbidden - humor that often carries a joke's lightness without trying to be one. The author skillfully transforms these into illustrated vignettes, charming readers young and old alike. Where does this childhood magic come from? Maybe it's the endless, languid flow of time, creating a space where the line between fantasy and reality blurs, where the world unfurls as a tapestry of the inexplicable, the magical, and the boundlessly vast. Dagmar Urbánková approaches this unique time with a sense of humor, exploring and depicting the "inventions" or misconceptions children hold because they've misinterpreted a word, a phrase, or simply pictured something quite differently from reality. All this unfolds in the realm where language meets fantasy - at times amusing, at times engaging, and occasionally touching upon the very essence of the universe.

Date of publication
picture books
baobab original
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texts about childhood
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112 x 150 mm
6 — 9
9 — 13
for all the family