ladislav nagy

Ladislav Nagy


Ladislav Nagy began his higher education at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, where he studied English and philosophy from 1993 to 1999. In his doctoral studies, he specialized in contemporary British prose, leading seminars on the subject at the same faculty, initially with Prof. Martin Hilský and later on his own. He currently serves as the director of the Institute of English Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. For several years, he headed the British section of the online portal, and his articles on contemporary British prose have been published in numerous journals. He has written several afterwords for translations from both British and American literature. Together with Martin Hilský, he co-edited the anthology of afterwords Od slavíka k papouškovi (From the Nightingale to the Parrot, Host, 2002), and later published a collection of essays inspired by London – Londýn stejný a jiný (London – The Same Yet Different, Arbor Vitae, 2007) as well as monographs In memoriam (In Memoriam, Academia and Episteme, 2015) and Palimpsesty, heterotopie a krajiny (Palimpsests, Heterotopias, and Landscapes, Karolinum, 2016). He has translated fiction (Kazuo Ishiguro, Barry Unsworth, Jeffrey Eugenides, Robert Irwin, Steven Hall, Edith Templeton, Julian Barnes, James Robertson) and theoretical works (Harold Bloom, Umberto Eco, Hayden White) into Czech. For his translation of the novel Patrick Melrose by British author Edward St Aubyn, he received the prestigious Magnesia Litera 2020 award.