Fany Loubat


Františka Loubat (née Lachmanová), completed her degree in Illustration and Graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2014. She stands out as one of the most intriguing Czech illustrators, with a notable presence in the comic book scene. Her portfolio covers a wide range of styles, themes, and disciplines. Her work is featured on platforms such as ilustratori.net, Baobab publishing house, artalk.cz with her comic strip starring Custodian Květa, and in Art and Antiques magazine, where her comic Umělec (The Artist), inspired by the fine arts scene, is published. Loubat collaborates with scriptwriter Tomáš Končinský on these projects. She earned the Muriel award for best comic strip with Květa at KomiksFEST! 2014 and the ART BOOK WANTED Edition Lidu award for her noir comic SICKTOWN two years prior. Loubat also gained attention for her project Vážně typický! (Seriously Typical!) in the Charles Square subway station, where she painted large comic strips on the wall, capturing a micro-story between a man and a woman with her distinctive drawing style. Besides comic strips, she designs book covers, illustrations, posters, and is a member of the band Vobezdud.

Františka Lachmanová

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