Bogdan Trojak

1975, Český Těšín

Bogdan Trojak, a poet, prose writer, journalist, Polish translator, and winemaker from the Silesian-Czech region, is a graduate of journalism from Palacký University, Olomouc. He is the founder of the literary magazine Weles and the former chief editor of Neon magazine. Trojak's literary achievements include winning the Jiří Orten Award in 1998 for his poetry collection Pan Twardowski (Mr. Twardowski) and the Magnesia Litera for poetry in 2005 for Strýc Kaich se žení (Uncle Kaich Gets Married). Additionally, he has ventured into children's literature with Nok a knedlíček (Gnocchi and Little Dumpling), a delightful compilation of verses, fairy tales, and a puppet play.