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Me, Octopus

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During their brief existence on Planet Earth, humans have succeeded in turning the oceans into trashcans. For a long time, fish and other sea creatures have been feeding on microplastics instead of plankton and the sea floor has become a museum of human ingenuity. That is precisely what attracts the attention of this story’s hero, a wise octopus with a great admiration for the world of humans and a deep desire to discover it for herself. All she knows of this world are the fantastical objects that litter the bottom of the sea. People must be wonderful creatures if they invent such amazing things as office chairs and refrigerators. And also, so strange for throwing them away.

The lonely octopus awaits her chance to leave the dark ocean depths where every day is a fight for survival. She wants to explore the world, understand all the mysteries of the human species, and perhaps taste some guacamole and go to a concert with friends. Though she is a decidedly spunky, happy, intelligent, and uncommonly vibrant heroine, much of human activity remains a mystery to her and at times brings disappointment. The world of humans is difficult to understand, but there are some things that make it worth living there. This is a literary road movie for creatures with any number of legs who have done the work and learned to read, and a book for anyone who wouldn’t hesitate to ask an octopus its opinion!


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