Františka Lachmanová, Ivana B. Englmaierová / A Heart Coat of Arms

The small spa town of Kalwar is much less sleepy than it might seem to be. Curious things start to take place in the narrow streets of the ancient quarter of Hemlík and in the old convent, where twelve-year-old Anima has her art lessons. In this contemporary magical tale, which is also a realistic detective story, the children will search for the reasons for a power-cut and newly appearing monastery wall-cracks. This will lead them mysteriously underground and, via an old book, back into the past. They will also try to uncover the secret of the mysterious owner of the Kalwar spa. In this unexpected adventure, an important part will be played by the Paper Research Institute, monofin swimming and healing springs; the important characters are the headmaster Littlelamp, the teacher Mrs. Geal, the mysterious Dr Janota and, of course, Anima and her friends. And a fight plays another important part!

What is hidden under the mysterious tombstone?
How can they solve the ancient chronicle's cipher?
What is a nanopir?
And will they manage to save the convent?

Illustrated by Fany Lachmanová

Suitable for readers from the age of nine 

156x222 | 296 pages | 2013 | Baohemia

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