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Miroslav Šašek

* 1919, Prague – 1980, Wettigen, Switzerland

Originally an architect, he entered the world of children's literature after the events of February 1948 that forced him to emigrate. Between 1951 and 1957 he worked for Radio Free Europe. The book This is Paris was published in 1959, beginning a series that in the end numbered eighteen books. Šašek's publication of This is London received in 1959 a New York Times award for the best illustrated children book, as did This is New York in 1960. This book also received the Boy's Club of America Junior Books Award and This is the United Nations joined the honorary list of the International Board on Books for Young People. Before his death, Šašek lived in Paris and passed away on a trip to Switzerland.


Illustrations: Benjamin and the Thousand Sea Creatures of Captain Barnabas (1947); Happy Calendar (1948); Seven Numbskulls (Eduard Petiška, 1948); Letters from Pompeii (Wilhelmina Femmster Jashemski, 1963); Zoo ist das Leben - Satierische Verse (Max Colpet, illustrations Horst Lemke and Miroslav Sašek, 1974).

Authorial books: This Is Paris (1959, in Czech To je Paříž, 2013); This Is London (1959, in Czech To je Londýn, 2013); This Is Rome (1960, in Czech To je Řím, 2014); This Is New York (1960); This Is Edinburgh (1961); Stone Is Not Cold (1961); This Is Munich (1961); This Is Venice (1961); This Is San Francisco (1962); This Is Israel (1962); This Is Cape Canaveral/This Is Cape Kennedy (1963, republished as This Is the Way to The Moon in 2009); This Is Ireland (1964, republished 2005); This Is Hong Kong (1965, republished 2007); This Is Greece (1966, republished 2009); This Is Texas (1967); This Is the United Nations (1968); This Is Washington, D.C. (1969); This Is Australia (1970, republished 2009, in Czech To je Austrálie, 2014); Mike and the Modelmakers (1970); This Is Historic Britain (1974, republished as This Is Britain in 2008).