Madalena Matoso

Madalena Matoso (Lisbon 1974) studied Communication Design at Lisbon College of Fine Arts and post-graduated in Graphic Editorial Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

In 1999 she created with three friends the Planeta Tangerina, illustration and graphic design.

In 2006 Planeta Tangerina began publishing picture books.

With the books "A Mesa é uma Mesa, Será?” 2006,"Quando Eu Nasci”, 2007 and "Andar Por Aí” (Walking Around), 2009 she received a Special Mention Award in the National Prize for Illustration. In 2008 she received the National Award for Illustration for the book “A Charada da Bicharada” (The Riddle of the Animals), published by Texto Editores with text by Alice Vieira.