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Marka Míková, Martin Kubát / JO537

Josef is an ordinary boy who lives in an ordinary block of flats and every day goes to an ordinary school by an ordinary underground station. Perhaps this is how a story about Josef should start... However, does an 'ordinary' life actually exist? Every ordinary thing can take a twist, as long as one is attentive – and Josef indeed is. On his regular journeys between home, underground and school pretty curious things start happening and Josef becomes increasingly involved in a mysterious adventure connected with a lost dog, workers from a construction site and also his grandfather, who was hit by a car. And additionally, it seems that a new computer game might have a say in all of this also... 

As always in Marka Míková's books, the grey façade of everyday is wiped away, uncovering the great radiant space in the imagination of children. So, by means of his journey of initiation through Krčský forest, Josef can save his grandfather and find a true friend. Using her unique humour, the author also depicts Josef's school and home environment, while observing human characters with a sharp eye. Thus, Marka Míková has assembled a colourful mosaic, which is ground-breaking in the contemporary literary market for older children of around 10-13 years. 


The book was illustrated by Martin Kubát.

165x235 | 196 pages | 2010 | 199 Kč | Baohemia | buy now

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