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Dagmar Urbánková / Street Circus

Come to Circus of the Street, those who come won't come short of anything. A mixture of people, faces, hair-dos, hats, clothes, bags, hand bags, materials, little animals, little shoes, ladies, fellows and old folks, pretty ones, cool guys, schoolgirls and many more. 64 pictures in more than 400 thousand ways. A new pop-up, flip through and drawing book by the stage designer, fine artist, writer and Baobab´s author Dagmar Urbánková.

Pictorial books for children of Dagmar U rbánkov á, a stage designer, painter, writer and teacher, reflect the whole scale of her own artistic and literary works. Her book projects (Byl jeden dům, Adam a kolenoChlebová lhota) belong to the most original of what is being created in Czech Republic at the moment and is comparable with contemporary works for children in Europe. Dagmar uses her experience both as a stage designer (theater Minor) and her own literary talent gives her books an unrepeatable atmosphere and wholeness. From a simple scratch book, Byl jednou jeden dům, inspired by a folk rhyme she aimed towards a bigger, more stage-like expression (Chlebová lhota, Adam a kolem). Her new book project called Cirkus ulice is inspired by a playful concept of cut pages, which has been present in book history since the 19th century. She is inspired by watching different types of people who she regularly meets. She portrays them with their hair-does, clothes, accessories, animals, bags, shoes and pets as well. Besides drawings she uses above all collages of colorful materials (paper, leaves, leather, dried out petals, pieces of decorative materials). She starts her book with a poem in prose which suggests an atmosphere of a busy street, transport vehicles a cacophonic pulse of a city. She tells a child how they can meet different and unusual types of people. And they meet them in a thousand different ways. In other words, Dagmar cut all types into four parts. Although they are anchored in the book's binding, children can , by paging through individual parts freeley assemble a variety of the funniest people in a thousand different ways.. Cirkus ulice is a beautiful piece of art work, full of various little details, observations, liveliness and play. It is a book which is an absolute antipole to consumer goods which children are fed these days. It is also a contemporary book: it reflects a street as a pulsing body of a city, and in individual people it comprises a mosaic of today's world.

155x315 | 76 pages | 2012 | 299 Kč | Baohemia | buy now

BAOBAB Publishers is small, family-owned publishing house specializing on quality children's books. Since its establishment at the break of the millennia, BAOBAB has done its utmost to restore the pictorial book culture in the Czech Republic, namely by cooperating with a score of like-minded authors, i.e. story-tellers and illustrators, scouting and supporting young talents, contributing to the development of children's author books phenomenon, mapping the European literary scene of children´s books as well as acquainting Czech reading public with the most interesting illustrators of the 20th and 21st centuries. Besides publishing and promoting activities, BAOBAB is the initiator and organizer of numerous book culture events, of which the most important the yearly Tabook Festival holding place in late September and early October in Tábor, Czech Republic ( BAOBAB Publishers cooperate closely with the Miroslav Šašek Foundation, Prague's Academy of Arts & Design (UMPRUM), Tábor's Baobab Book Shop & Gallery and Xaoxax Gallery in Prague's Vršovice District.