Eva Maceková / 12 hours with Oscar


"Miaow! Oscar is my best friend. Next year we are going to school. We know how to do a lot of things but we still have a lot of things to learn. Every day something new is ahead of us... Do you know that today we're buying a new schoolbag? Will you join us?"

The big picture album of the University of Art Design's graduate Eva Maceková takes us through a regular day of a five-year old boy Oskar and his faithful tomcat. In the picture boards she note of details from everyday life. To the youngest readers she describes their own, intimately familiar things and situations (breakfast, shopping, dreams...). At the same time, she gently encourages children to try simple games, and in a funny way she teaches them basic skills (counting, shoe-lacing, how to tell time, orientation in surroundings...). Artistically she balances between thestraightforward conveyance of Šmalca's Abeceda and the retro-graphic style of Blexbolex and she turns to small readers with a gentle humor full of tiny surprises.

225x320 | 48 pages | 2012 | 259 Kč | Baohemia | buy now

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